Welcome to Koros Group - Membrane & Sorbent Research

Our research group pursues both fundamental and applied research related to the burgeoning area of membrane- and sorbent-based gas separation. In addition, selected projects related to advanced barriers for high performance packaging and related topics are covered. Our strategy continues to rely upon a balanced emphasis on three complementary areas of research:

1.  Sorption, diffusion and permeation fundamentals in polymers, molecular sieve carbons and hybrid materials
Our group is interested in, and well-equipped to study, fundamental properties of advanced materials that can be used to create next-generation devices for separation and barrier applications. High pressure, sub-ambient and high temperature testing capabilities enable determining detailed transport and sorption properties of a diverse array of materials that push the state-of-the-art in membranes, sorbents and barrier materials.

2.  Engineering of advanced membranes, sorbents and barriers
Using the knowledge of the available material properties developed in our fundamental characterization studies, we engineer actual structures that often require the design of multiple levels of morphology control. Our work on membranes typifies this activity where asymmetric structures comprising a selective layer, which may be a polymer-inorganic hybrid material, is supported on a highly porous layer in the form of a hollow fiber.

3.  Creation and characterization of advanced membranes, sorbents and barriers
Typically, the engineering of desired structures is only the beginning of our pursuit of advanced membrane, sorbents or barrier devices. We next focus on economical processes to produce these devices and test them under realistic conditions in laboratory and ultimately actual end-use conditions. This latter work is typically done in collaboration with industrial partners.

First Row: Dr. Yan Fang Fan, Yu-Han Chu, Dr. Ying Labreche, Shweta Karwa, Dr. Fateme Rezaei, Dr. W.J. Koros, Lu Liu, Xue Ning

Second Row: Stephanie Li, Wulin Qiu, Shilu Fu, Dr. Shouliang Yi, Dr. Zhiming Mao, Grace Chen, Hiroshi Eguchi, Dr. Kuang Zhang, Brian Kraftschik

Third Row: Carina Kuete Achoundong, Steven Burgess, Nitesh Bhuwania, Dr. Ali Rownaghi, Dr. Justin Vaughn, John Hessler, Graham Wenz, Chen Zhang, Danny Kim,

Not Pictured: Neha Bighane, Vinod Pandian Babu, Dongkun Huang, Michael E. Descoteaux, Rachel Choi