Current Research Projects

The following list indicates the main areas of interest to our group. Most of our work relates to advanced membranes, but we also have interest in the area of sorbents and barriers

  • Carbon molecular sieve membranes for natural gas and diverse chemical separations
  • PIMs, crosslinked polyimides and cellulose acetates for natural gas purification
  • MOF/polymer composite membranes for natural gas and chemical separations
  • Mixed matrix fiber sorbents for diverse separations not suited to membranes
  • Fundamentals of carbon molecular sieve formation processes
  • Fundamentals of advanced barrier materials
  • For insight into the details of our group's current activities, please see the recent publication link (2010-Present) and issued US patents

      As a group, we enjoy not only studying complex questions, but also answering them and solving problems. Our core strengths relate to advanced materials and morphology control of devices for the types of applications noted above. Many of our most rewarding collaborations with sponsors and academic colleagues begin with a challenge from someone asking us:"If you think you are so smart, can you solve this problem?"

      If you are interested in interacting with our group send me an e-mail: