Membrane Resources

Membrane Simulator Version 2.0
The Membrane Simulator Version 2.0 is a Microsoft Excel?spreadsheet that uses the basic modeling equations presented in 1998 in the AICHE Journal 4(6) 1289-1302 by D.T. Coker et al. The purpose of the program is to simulate a gas separation involving a membrane module. There are two programs one for countercurrent flow and another for crossflow. The program was initially created for use by the sponsors of the Separations Research Program (SRP) at The University of Texas at Austin and has been continually developed by Dr. Koros' Group, now at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Bore Pressure Change Simulator Version 1.0
This Microsoft Excel?spreadsheet was developed in Dr. Koros' research group in 2004 at Georgia Institute of Technology. The program simulates the bore pressure change of an asymmetric hollow fiber membrane in an acetic acid and water pervaporation process associated with high water flux for shell feed. The simulation results enable users to obtain the inherent membrane selectivity and permeance after the user inputs the required system parameters. This model helps users to understand the bore pressure change effects on the fiber performance.